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Welcome to the web site of the VMCC AJS OHC Register. The aim of this little site is to extol the virtues of the AJS OHC bikes that AJS began to manufacture in the spring of 1927 and which continued through the Matchless years until the mid 30s. It also seeks to provide, in a small way, a service for Register Members to advertise items to sell and buy and to recommend suppliers, restorers and the like.

This site has been designed, written and maintained by Steve Farthing using material supplied from his brother Nick and other Register members. Steve is learning web design from the bottom up so it will not be as flashy as some sites you will see but, hey, its only a hobby! Both Nick and Steve live near Norwich in the County of Norfolk, which for the geographically challenged is in the south east of England. (Neither are related to Ron Farthing who hails from the West country.)

In April 2008 Nick and I decided that we needed to make things a bit more interactive so we have set up a newsgroup. Please contact Steve at for details.